H. de la Blanchère (1875)

Summary, pp. 54-5: Barbet, since 16th century, specifically designates curly-haired dogs more exactly given the name chien cane or caniche; used for waterfowling. Quote from Sélincourt: hunts on land and in water; principal function, retrieving; faithful to one master. Purely French origin. Called french-poodle in England. Much more common formerly in France; this breed 25 years ago was almost destroyed until some real hunters revived it to put it out of danger from now on... [Jean de Sacquesp#&233e, Viscount of Selincourt (alternatively, Jacques Espée de Selincourt), Le parfait chasseur... (Paris: 1683).]

Summary, pp. 60-2: Caniche, a true and good hunting dog. Reproach for absense of nose, not a fault of the species but of individuals; this eminent French breed has for a long time been employed by our fathers. Intelligence... guide for the blind... as good a retriever as any in the world. We're crazy (nous sommes des fous) not to thus employ him... (witty remarks re plight of caniche in pet-dom). Caniche ... barbet; origin of caniche is delicate question, Denmark and northern Germany have black type, very powerful and fierce... Speculation about northern origins of dogs with sheep-like hair.

Summary: pp. 164-5: "Water-spaniel." Illustration of "Water-spaniels, type frisé (Blancs tachés de noir et de brun)" reminiscent of the Youatt Poodle which forms the headpiece for this section, and also of Stubbs' "Brown and White Norfolk or Water Spaniel" (see Robert Fountain and Alfred Gates, Stubbs' Dogs (London: Ackermann, 1984), Fig. 30, p. 56).

Water spaniels divided into English and Irish types. Tweed spaniel resembles small retriever. Old English water spaniel no longer found; replaced by Irish types. Irish types divided into two branches, north and south. Northern type resembles old English type... Southern: M. MacCarthy has developed excellent type (description of IWS), very intelligent, admirable companions, unforgettably high quality of performance; they retrieve perfectly, go everywhere, hunting under the gun.

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