Poodle Lit. 101/3

Shorter Poodle Lit. post-1929

Ackland, Sherrill (1938- ), illustrated by Heather Cooper, Doodle the Poodle (Toronto: Holt, Rhinehard and Winston of Canada, 1970); 1976 revised edition was illustrated by Vladyana Krykorka.

Adams, Gwyneth, Popsy the Poodle (Ilfracombe: Arthur H. Stockwell, 1954), 16 pp.

Adelson, Leone and Lilian Moore, Mr. Twitmeyer and the Poodle (NY: Random House, 1961); drawings by Leonard Shortall. 84-page children's chapter book; pet store setting.

Anon., Puppy Play House (Polygraphic Company of America, Inc., 1951). Spiral-bound (with metal spiral) pictorial board cover, colour illustrations, heavy board cut-outs of six different dog breeds, one a Poodle. Story of Mr. Traynor who owns a pet shop where he sells all kinds of dogs. One warm day he left the door open and all the dogs raced out and chased after the fire truck. The second part of the story includes the door to the firehouse where all the dogs are caught (and can be stored) which opens to allow the reader to remove the dog cut-outs. The story continues with Mr. Traynor who is so happy that you've caught all the dogs that he wants you to return to the pet shop with him and put each dog back in its own bed. The remaining pages devote a page each to each dog breed with a bed (pocket) in which the reader is able to slide in each dog cut-out.

Anon. Rupert and the French Poodles (London: Daily Express Publication--Beaverbrook, 1955), 21 pp. Adventure Series #25, published with Rupert and the New Jersey.

Anon. The Roller-Skating Poodle (Saalfield Publishing, 1970).

Armstrong, Jennifer, illustrated by Jon Goodell, Little Salt Lick and the Sun King Crown (1994) 28pp. Picture book about a Poodle and other dogs in the court at Versailles.

Barr, Noel, illustrated by P.B. Hickling, Mick the Disobedient Puppy (Loughborough: Willis & Hepworth, Ltd., undated--ca '50's-'60's). Ladybird book, 50 pp. A boy, Peter, turns eight, receives a black Standard Poodle puppy for his birthday. The puppy, Mick, gets into the usual puppy mischief; owners send him back from whence he came for obedience training; he stays a week and runs home, sneaks into the house and saves it from a fire. After that, he is the most obedient puppy.

Beattie, Janet, illustrated by Robert Borja. Poof Poof (Chicago, Albert Whitman and Co., 1962). 28 pp.; pre-school (this book is a favorite of a three-year-old in the late 1990's). Poof Poof, a white Standard Poodle is sad because different from all other dogs, who call him a silly clown, etc.; he imitates their antics, trying to fit in. One day he looks in a store window and sees a dog with head hung low; he can't see what kind of dog it is, and tells it to get up. When the dog raises his head (as did Poof Poof) he sees a handsome dog with a topknot, fur cuffs, a jacket and pants just like him! "Why, I am like that dog! That proud-looking, tall, fine dog!" On the way home, Poof Poof sees the other dogs and is very pleased he is different from the rest. Message: not everyone can and should be the same, we are all unique and should be proud of it.

Benchley, Nathaniel, Snip (Garden City: Doubleday, 1981) Weekly Reader Book Club, 63 pp. Routine life of old Beagle, Duncan, is upset by a young black Mini, Snip.

Beskow, Elsa, illustrated by the author, translated from Swedish by Siri Andrews, Aunt Green, Aunt Brown and Aunt Lavender (NY and London: Harper, 1929). 19 pp. Story about three maiden aunts whose black Toy Poodle is abducted by an organ grinder whose performing monkey has died, and their adventures searching for him. Beautifully illustrated with black silhouettes, one half-page colour illustration.

Billings, Augusta and Henry, Gilbert: the Gay Poodle (NY: Viking, 1949), illus., 32 pp. Black Poodle, Gilbert, strikes out for the big city and surprises his family by winning jackpot at Radio Center. Cover: Gilbert in red ball-cap holding admission ticket.

Bischoff, Ilse, The Wonderful Poodle (NY: Thomas Y. Crowell, 1949). 80pp., illustrated by the author. Lonely young Rudolf, whose parents are Prince and Princess of Hungary, is given a Poodle, Coco, for Christmas. One day, Coco is missing, and Rudolf rides his tricycle to search for her. After finding his dog, he resolves not to return to the castle, and has adventures. Novel for "young adults."

Bliss, Corinne and Austin Bliss, That Dog Melly! (Hastings House, 1980). 32pp., illustrated by Corinne Bliss and Jim Judkis. Photo story about a six-year-old boy and his Standard Poodle, Melly.

Bock, Werner, Der Pudel der Frau Barboni (Buenos Aires: Editorial Alemann y Cia, 1944), 79 pp.

Bojunga-Nunes, Lygia, illustrated by Larry Wilkes, Companions (NY: Farrar Straus Giroux, 1989). Translated from the Portugese by Ellen Watson (author was born in Brazil). Rabbit, bear and a Poodle meet on the beach and become fast friends.

Botton, Jean de, Fou Fou Discovers America (Paris: Les Arts de France, 1945); illustrations by the author with colour drawings; oversize, 32pp. Edition B has text in English and French. Children's story.

Brown, Margaret Wise, Don't Frighten the Lions (NY: Harper-Trophy, 1942; 1970). 10" x 9" paperback. Story about lions, zoo, Poodle.

Butler, Nancy. "Christmas with Dora Davenport", Regency Christmas Courtship: five stories. [2005 Signet Christmas Regency anthology] (London, etc.: Penguin--New American Library Signet paperback, 2005), pp. 205-279. To replace a stolen family heirloom tapestry of the battle of Agincourt, an eccentric aunt who paints starts a wall mural of the battle of "Agincur," illustrated with English mastiffs and French Poodles in armour. Set in Regency England, the main story follows a bluestocking's attempts to salvage both family and Tudor home by marriage to a proper suitor, but her attraction to a Welsh naval lieutenant causes her to question her plans. (MJTW, 1/'08)

Cam (pseud. Barbara Mary Campbell), colour illus. by author, The Three Jolly Clowns (London: Collins, nd). Story about adventures of three cats and Poodle.

Carroll, Ruth, What Whiskers Did (Henry Z. Walck, Inc., 1965). 40 pp. Picture book (no text): puppy jumping rope with bunnies.

Carroll, Ruth and Latrobe, Hullabaloo the Elephant Dog (NY: Walck, 1975). How Hullabaloo the Poodle proved his worth and earned his place with the circus menagerie.

Cleaver, Denis, illustrated by G.W. Backhouse, Pongo the Terrible (USA: Westminster Press, 1959). 96 pp. American edition of English book. Pongo is a black Poodle; story's about four dogs: Mr. Willis, Mr. Wallis (brace of terriers?), Jocko (gypsy dog almost certainly a Lurcher), and Pongo.

Collins, Roland, photographs by W. Suschitzky, The Flying Poodle (London: Harvill Press, undated, probably 1950's; might be pre-war), approx. 32 pp. Poodle named Mandy who talks to goldfish, misses Christina, a kitten friend.

Collins, Ruth M., Alphonse & Archibald (NY: Dodd, Mead & Co., 1953). Story of French Poodle and English Mastiff, set on the St. Lawrence River.

Cohen, Dan, illustrated by George Overlie, The Case of the Missing Poodle (Minneapolis: Carolrhoda Min-Mystery, 1979), 31 pp. Poodle stolen from show.

Costa, Nicoletta, The Naughty Puppy (London: Corgi, Ladybird Books, 1985) ISBN 0552522988. "Early reader" story about a puppy.

Crozat, François, I am a little dog (Hauppauge, NY: Barron's Educational Series, 1992). Illustrated by the author; 22 (hard cardboard) pp. Baby pre-school book starring white TP puppy's transition to a happy "forever home" which includes children.

Cunningham, Virginia, illus. by Catherine Barnes, Pom Pom the Fuzzy Dog, a Fuzzy Wuzzy Book (Whitman, 1947). Pom Pom is a French Poodle who lives with Mamzelle Mimi at her Hat Shop, and he is very offended with a little black kitten arrives.

Curry, Jane, Woofus The Woolly Dog (A Fuzzy Wuzzy Book. Racine, WI: Whitman Publishing Co., 1944). Woofus, the woolly dog, romps through the pages in the appealing pictures by Florence Sarah Winship. The smallest children will delight in following the adventures of this playful puppy as he grows into a big woolly dog, for they can feel Woofus as well as see and read about him in this Fuzzy Wuzzy story book.

Davis, Lavinia R. (Lavinia Riker; 1909-1961), illustrated by Paul Lantz, Clown Dog (NY: Doubleday, 1961). Joey Bennett and his white Poodle dog named Clown find a fawn. 61pp.

Dereske, Jo, My Cousin, the Poodle (NY: Atheneum, 1991). Fiction, 8-12. Wacky tale of the '50s, mildly funny, about spoiled Poodle, Terry Berry, and her two children: staying with eccentric Uncle Rupert and Aunt Tofelia in 1955, ten-year-old Barbara and her brother, Tommy, find their visit dominated by a spoiled, mischievous Poodle, Terry Berry.

Duffy, James, The Revolt of the Teddy Bears (NY: Crown, 1985), 72pp. Teddy bears are running amock in Paris and Chief Inspector May Gray, a Poodle, is determined to find out why.

Duffy, James, The Christmas Gang: a May Gray Mystery (NY: Scribner, 1989), 69 pp. Reminiscence of how May Gray, when she was a rookie Paris (France) police officer, solved the mystery of Christmas Gang.

Dugdale, P.M., illustrated by Nan Janvrin, Dunkel (London, A.R. Mowbray & Co., 1959). 64 pp.

Dugdale, P.M., illustrated by Nan Janvrin, Dunkel Again (London: A.R. Mobray, 1961). Delightfully illustrated tales of Dunkel the Dachshund and her friends Minette the black Poodle and Smokey, the Dandie Dinmot.

Duvoisin, Roger, Day and Night (NY: Knopf, 1960). Story about an owl called Night and a Poodle called Day.

Everson, Dale M., The Different Dog, illus. by Paul Galdone (NY: Morrow, 1960). 32 pp. "This is a children's book, our hero is a black Standard Poodle in an English saddle clip who really does talk and lives a very misunderstood life until he takes up with an ageing song-and-dance man. They become stars and live happily ever after--it's billed as a ventriloquist act, only the reader and the dog's new person know better." (MH, 10 Aug. '97.)

Fattah, Michel, Lacey--My Life As A Toy Poodle (Santa Monica, CA: Roundtable Publishing Inc., 1990). "Lacey is a Toy Poodle who lives by the sea in Santa Monica, California with her human father. There was a time when she shared her house with a human sister and a human mother, but one day they left to live someplace else and that made Lacey very sad. At first she blamed herself for the separation and desperately wanted them all to be together again. But as time passed, Lacey came to realize a most valuable lesson about grown up people and how to get along with them. It's a lesson that nearly half the children in America have to learn: coping with parents who have chosen not to live together anymore. By sharing Lacey's experience, all children will be more understanding and, we hope, helpful to each other." (RM, Jan. '98.) Horn Book review: "appalling bibliotherapy."

Garbutt, Katharine and Bernard, illustrated by Bernard Garbutt, Hodie (NY: Aladdin Books, 1949). Unpaginated but ca. 46 pp. Story about how "little Hodie" became too big for his city apartment and found a new home on the farm as "big Hodie."

Gass, Irene, illustrated by Mary Shillabeer, Dandy. The Story of a French Poodle (London: University of London Press, 1959), 48 pp. Dolphin Books, no. D. 6.

Gondosch, Linda, Penny Dann (illustrator) Brutus the Wonder Poodle(A Stepping Stone Book) (NY: Random House, 1990).

Goodall, John S., Escapade (London: Macmillan, 1980). The story of a lost canary, featuring a fluffy cat and a Poodle, all told in silhouette with use of half and whole pages to enable changes to be made to the illustrations.

Goodspeed, J.M., illus. Ray Keane, The Ransom Note (NY: HB, 1978). Juvenile mystery, involving a Poodle.

Graham, Margaret Bloy, illustrated by the author (artist won Caldecott medal) Benjy and his Friend Fifi (NY: Harper/Harpercrest, 1988). Story about Benjy, the mutt, and his adventures with the dog next door, a shy little Poodle, at the local dog show.

Gray, Ernest A., Dog That Marched to Moscow (A. S. Barnes Publisher, c. 1959). Poodle marched with Napoleon's army. See Army dogs.

Hale, Kathleen. Orlando the Marmalade Cat Keeps a Dog, revised edition (London: Frederick Warne & Co., 1990). First published by Country Life Ltd., 1949. Orlando, a beautiful marmalade cat with eyes like "twin green gooseberries" and his wife Grace decide it would be good for their kittens to be allowed to keep a pet. They place an advertisement in the newspaper --"Pet wanted for three kittens". A frightening array of animals apply for the post, but in the end they have to adopt Bill the Poodle, simply because he refuses to go away. Bill moves in (bringing his own pet, a cat called Flute), and life is never quite the same again. Kathleen Hale based almost all her characters on real animals and the well-meaning but boisterous Bill was a Poodle who was part of her household in the 1940's, along with the real-life Orlando, the marmalade cat.

Hazen, Barbara Shook, illus. by June Goldborough, Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Rainy Day Circus. Little Golden Book. (Western Publishing, 1982).

Hazen, Barbara Shook, illus. by Irma Wilde, Ookpik in the City (Golden Press, c. 1968). Ookpik, a little Arctic owl, decides to travel to the city to learn more. He makes friends with a small Poodle-like dog named Princilla.

Henry, Marguerite, illustrated by Wesley Dennis, An Album of Dogs (Rand McNally & Co., 1955). Oversized book about all the different breeds of dogs.

Hodgetts, Sheila, illustrated by Edward Jeffrey, Toby Twirl and the Talking Poodle (London: Sampson Low, 1954).

Hogan, Inez, A Party for Poodles (New York: E.P. Dutton, 1952). Children's book about a family which throws a birthday party for their Poodle, and invites Poodles of all shapes and sizes. Fabulous pencil drawings of Poodles eating birthday cake, doing the cha-cha, etc. Of course, this book is dedicated to a Poodle!

Holl, Adelaide Lothrop, Lisette, illustrated by Roger Duvoisin (NY: See & Shephard, 1962). 30pp. Lisette comes to the USA aiming for immediate movie stardom; instead, gets lost in New York City.

Hommedieu, Dorothy K. L', Pompon--the Story of a Poodle (NY: Ariel/Farrar, Straus & Young, 1955); 55 pp., illustrations by Marie C. Nichols. Pompon was a Miniature Poodle who lived in a big city apartment. But--he had never been allowed to roam. So--when he and his mistress went to visit friends in the country, he anticipated high adventure, and--he found a master who appreciated him for himself, not just because of his beauty. Chapter book for children; Poodle story with glimpses of Cocker Spaniel, Basset, and Westie.

Hope, Laura Lee, illustrated by Gloria Singer, The Bobbsey Twins: The Blue Poodle Mystery (Bobbsey Twins, No. 1) (NY: Pocket Books, 1980). Baby-Preschool. The Bobbsey twins search for a Poodle that interrupted a ballet performance and then was stolen.

Howe, Janet Rogers Lothrop, illustrated by George Bobriszky, Curly (NY: Lee & Shepard, 1956), 84pp. Story about Poodle and Scottie dogs; children's manners.

Jackson, Kathryn, Pantaloon (NY: Simon and Schuster, Inc., 1951). Little Golden Book. Pantaloon is a black standard poodle who loves pastries and wants more than anything to be a baker. One day he answers a Help Wanted sign in a bakery window, but the baker won't hire Pantaloon. Pantaloon tries everything to win the baker over. After the baker has a terrible fall and can't fill his orders, Pantaloon saves the day!

Janice, Angelique, illustrated by Roger Duvoisin (NY: Whittlesey House, 1960), 32 pp. Angelique, a duck, lived happily in a beautiful garden in Paris. Black Poodle Coco arrived; Angelique ran away; she met a big cat and a brave little sparrow; learned that running away is not a solution: one must defend one's home.

Jonas, Nita, The Little Golden Book of Dogs, illustrated by Tibor Gergely (Racine, WI: Golden Press, 1974); dogs include Miniature Poodle.

Kalder, Connie, A Poodle in Paris (Montreal: La Montagne Secrète, 2004). Illustrated by Fil & Julie. A 12-song CD with a 36-pages hardcover illustrated book. Plus musical charts, illustrations and lyrics on the disc (PDF files). Story is about a Poodle named "La Grande Fifi" who lives in Paris. Lead song: "A Poodle in Paris."

Kerchove, Maisie Baroness de, Circus Poodles and Other Rhymes (Oxford: G. Ronald, 1950), 1v. (unpaged).

King, Dorothy N., Santa's Merry Carnival (Polygraphic Company of America, 1955). Spiral-bound book with pop-ups, including monkey on swing, sword-swallower, and ... jumping Poodles.

King, Dorothy Urfer, The Little Red Bicycle (Merrigold Press, 1980). Story includes cat, Poodle.

Kitchens, Edith Peal, Der Fette Junge (ca 1974). Story about Der Fette Junge (the fat rascal), a big white Poodle who befriends a troubled Third Bird. Illustrated by the author, in full colour. Simple German expressions woven into the story. Author was educator in Austin (TX) Public School systems.

Kite, Eilene, illustrated by Lee Goldberg, David's Poodle Sam (Exposition Press, 1968). Poodle dog Sam paints a picture when left alone without his boy, David.

Krauss, Ruth, The Growing Story (NY, Evanston, and London: Harper & Row, 1947). Story of a boy and his puppy as they grow up.

Kumin, Maxine, Archibald the Traveling Poodle, adapted from the story by James Kruss, illustrated by Erich Holle (NY: Putnam, 1963), first published in Germany in 1960. Poodle tours Europe searching for a wife: "...A bachelor poodle, named Archibald Swank, In a new Model T with a handle you crank, Drove daily thru Paris Along the Left Bank. But something was missing in Archibald's life. He wished--how he wished! For a French poodle wife."

Lewis, J. Patrick, The Fat-Cats at Sea (NY: Knopf, 1994), 34pp. In rhyme, Fat-Cats sail in vessel The Frisky Dog and have various adventures, including an attack on the Poodles.

Lewis, Lorna, The Adventures of TouTou the Little French Poodle, illustrated by J.R. Monsell (London: Constable & Co., 1934). 44 pp. TouTou is a Francophone Poodle who is fluent in English and the most likely underlying purpose is to enable small Anglophones to utter a few simple phrases in French.

Lifton, Betty Jean, A Dog's Guide to Tokyo (NY: W.W. Norton & Co., 1969). 64 pp. Travelling Poodle, Jumblie, gives advice on the places every dog should visit in Tokyo, Japan. Photographs by Eikoh Hosoe; illustrations.

Lillemoe, James, Paulette, a Circus Dog (1983). Soft cover cut out shape children's book about a white circus Poodle.

Maifair, Linda Lee, The Case of the Pampered Poodle (Darcy J. Doyle, Daring Detective, No. 4) (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 1993). Ages 9-12.

Makar, Barbara, Primary Phonics 5: Pet Poodle (Cambridge, MA: Educators Publishing Service, 1995), 16pp.

Masson, Madeline, ed., with decorations by Nerine Desmond, Memoires of a French Poodle (Cape Town: Howard B. Timmins, 1955), 19 pp.

Menzel, Josef, illustrated by Jiri Trnka. Bruin Furryball in the Puppet Theatre (London: Andrew Dakers, 1959), 34pp. Subject/keywords: bears juvenile Poodle puppets.

Mickey, The adventures of little Poodle Droodle the pup (Memo-It Books) ISBN 1885591268.

Miller, Jane, illustrated in colour by the author: Lulu and what happened on Christmas Day (New York: American Artists Group, Inc., 1941). Lulu started life with a silver spoon in her mouth. She lived with a very rich lady in the most beautiful apartment. She could loll on the most velvety rugs and have the nicest things to eat. But the lady was bad-tempered and on Christmas Day the dog found herself out in the hall, with the door shut right in her face. Lulu's heart was about to break when something happened that saved for her this Christmas Day and all the future Christmas Days and all the times in between: she found happiness with the Black janitor and his daughter.

Mitchell, Betty, I'm Felicia, a Live Toy Poodle (Evanston, IL: Chicago Spectrum Press, 1996. 31pp. Story about TP named Felicia.

Moncure, Jane Belk and Linda Hohag (illustrator), Mr. Doodle Had a Poodle (Magic Castle Readers Series) (Mankato: Childs World, 1987). Reading level: Baby-Preschool. Also published in Spanish translation: El Senor Dominguito Tenia Una Perrita.

Nichols, Florence L., Life with father and mother: as told by Barney Poodle (Kitchener, ON: PSA Ventures, c. 1988).

Oana, Katherine, Toodle D. Poodle, the Baseball Comeback Kid (Fables for Today Series) (1992). Ages 4-8.

Oatey, Margaret, Curley the Poodle, and other tales (Ilfracombe: Arthur F. Stockwell, 1954), 14 pp.

O'Neil, Mildred Jean (1916- ), The Story of Jody the Chinese Poodle (Napanee, ON: 1970).

Pancheri, Jan, The Twelve Poodle Princess (London: Hutchinson, 1995) ISBN: 0091767105

Pantale, Richard, The Pink Poodle (Minneapolis: T.S.Denison, 1968) 36pp. Beau is an adorable pink Poodle who has to come to terms with his colour. When all other animals laugh at him because he is pink, he runs away and finds a pink friend at the zoo.

Parker, Edgar, Rogue's Gallery (NY: Pantheon Books, 1969), 63 pp. Illustrated b&w. Children's mystery story; all the people are animals: rascally Poodle, etc.

Peck, Kel, How to Love, cartoons and illustrations by Bobbi Reid, photography by Andy Otto and Morrie Tattleman (Southern Arizona Press, undated), 62pp.

Reddington, Misty, Trouble at the Park (Nashville, TN: Scythe Publications, 1977). 1v (unpaged).

Robertson, Shirley, Lou Who: The Odyssey of a French Poodle in England & America (Red Apple Pub., 1993). ISBN: 1880222167.

Rosenberg, Sidney, Any Dog Named Papageno Rosenberg Must Be a Little Bit of All Right! (Chateau, 1977); 59pp., drawings by Sara Roen.

Rowland, Phyllis, George Goes To Town (Boston: Little, Brown, ca 1958), 41 pp. George's family moves from the country to the city and George has a great time in the city but his familiy thinks he is not adjusting well so they plan to move again. George doesn't care where they live as long as he is with them.

Shepard, Graham, The Story of Pom-Pom, a Little Poodle (London: John Lane, 1938).

Smithson, Sandra O., Allegro and the Very Imperfect Poodle: A Tale to Ponder (Nashville, TN: Winston-Derek, 1985).

Southgate, Vera and Havenhand (John) pseud., illustrated by Patricia McGrogan, Penny the Poodle (Leeds: E.J. Arnold & Sons, 1964).

Streatfeild, Noel, illustrated by Susanne Suba, Osbert (Chicago: Rand, McNally & Co. and Container Corporation of America, 1950), 31 pp. Slottie Library Series. A "Concura Book" with stiff cardboard page with punch-out of Osbert, a Poodle, and a fancy mirror. Everyone's going to a wedding except Osbert, the "ugly family dog"--but the children know it would not be complete without him, so guess who shows up walking in the door with everyone oohing and aahing over the most beautiful dog in the world.

Titus, Eve, Anatole and the Poodle, illustrated by Paul Galdone (NY: McGraw-Hill, 1965), 32pp. In many-volume Anatole mystery series.

Torrey, Marjorie, Penny, (NY: Howell & Soskin, 1944), 126 pp. Reprinted in the same year: Eau Clair, WI: E.M. Hale, 1944. Story about a Poodle, a doll, and an eight-year-old girl who goes to spend the summer with her elderly-great aunt in a cold, forbidding mansion

Turner, Nancy Byrd, illustrated by Tibor Gergely, When It Rained Cats and Dogs (NY: J.B. Lippincott, 1956). Rhyming story about many breeds (including Poodle) of cats and dogs falling from the sky.

Unkelbach, Kurt, Uncle Charlie's Poodle (NY: Dodd Mead, 1975). Story of boy and his Uncle Charlie & Charlie's black Poodle dog, Hans. Here's a review (TR, 10/98): "When one of the poos does something good at a show I buy them something. When Wicket [SP] finished his CD, the pickins were slim but I found Uncle Charlie's Poodle in a little shop full of dog memoriabilia. It is about a German SP named Hans who was 'a big dog, stood just over twenty-nine inches at the withers, and weighed about ninety pounds....Compared to the poodles you see around today [story takes place in 1927] he was a real powerhouse. Today the breed lacks heavy bone, really short coupling, deep brisket, strong quarters, and tail. That's the way they bred the pudel in Germany fifty years ago, where it was a no nonsense sporting breed and a good retriever on both land and water....Uncle Charlie scissored the coat down to about three-quarters of an inch...it was called the astrakhan clip, meant for utility, and not show or fashion, and it made Hans look like a great Persian lamb.' Charlie's brother, the father of the boy telling the story, raised and hunted setters. There is a marvellous description of training the setters. Hans, the poodle, already knew his own poodle brand of retrieving and loved to chase runners, and much, much more. It is quite fun hearing how Hans learned to point, but I don't want to give away too much of the story. Suffice to say that this story is about Hans--the 90 pound poodle that many old timers have told me they had or knew growing up--distinct poodles that they will never forget. And the author clearly knew and loved them. This book creates the atmosphere of owning and working dogs a half century ago, and the differences from now are fascinating. But it is the sameness of poodles then and now that is really the charm of this book. Illustrations are pen and ink drawings by Heidi Palmer, who clearly knows poodle moves and expressions, and understands poodle humor."

Wallace, Karen, Fearless Fiona and the purple Poodle mystery (London: Young Lions, 1994).

Ward, Martha Eads, The Bug Man (Abington Press, ca 1972). B/w illustrations. With the help of a Chanel, a Poodle, and a crow, cat, and a collie, a man who takes care of a golf course breaks up a ring of thieves.

Warden, Linel, Sinbad: a Poodle's Biography (London: Saint Catherine Press, 1960), 31 pp. illus.

Watts, Mabel. Daniel the Cocker Spaniel (Rand-McNally, c. 1955; Tip-Top Elf Book #8589). Daniel the Cocker Spaniel begins to win blue ribbons and ignore his friends; one day, he wonders who his friends are? (Hint: this is classified as a Poodle book.)

Welch, Martha McKeen, Just Like Puppies (NY: Coward McCann, 1969). Picture story about Poodle who raises litter of raccoons; photos by the author.

Whitcomb, Jon (1906- ). Coco--the Far-Out Poodle (NY: Random House, 1963). Coco the brown Miniature Poodle gets into mischief starting the day she picked her owner and traveled from London to her new home in the United States. Whitcomb has illustrated ads for such giants of industry as Palmolive Soap, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, and Cadillac; his covers, illustrations and short stories have appeared in such magazines as Good Housekeeping, Ladies' Home Journal, McCall's, and Cosmopolitan, for which he was contributing editor. At the time of Coco...'s publication, the author's house-count was four Miniature Poodles, two white, one silver, and one brown--the heroine of this volume.

Whitcomb, Jon (1906- ). Pom-Pom's Christmas (NY: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1960). Pom-Pom the white Poodle sits in the pet store window wishing for a girl for Christmas.

Wing, Helen, Playtime Poodles. (A Real Live Animal Book) (Chicago: Rand McNally & Co., 1955). Story of Mama Poodle, Suzette and Bobo and the fun they have when a package arrives from Papa Poodle, who is away visiting his mother. This book contains unusual photographs of real poodles: Mama Poodle (Elwest's French Fifi) was a little French Poodle who belonged to Mrs. Howard Milton Brown of Woodstock, IL, who also owned Suzette (Elwest's Hester Bateman; silver Miniature Poodle). Bobo (Toy Town Wanderer Tango; black Miniature Poodle) belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Devlin of Evanston, IL.

Wiseman, Bernard, Penny's Poodle Puppy, Pickle (Olympic Marketing Corp., 1980). ISBN: 081166080X.

Wright, Betty Ren, Snowball (Racine, WI: Whitman Publishing Co., 1952). Story about a white Poodle, Snowball, and how he goes from white as snow to black as coal.

Wright, Stephanie (1959- ), illustrated by Beverley Ransom, Nellie the noodle and her pasta poodle (Rockwood, ON: At Home Publications, 1999).

Yeatman, Linda, Claire's Gymnastic Poodle (Piccadilly, 1990).

Zolotow, Charlotte, The Poodle Who Barked at the Wind, see Poodle Lit. pre-1929.

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