Poodle Lit. 101

Poodle Lit. 101

Poodles (and cousins) in language

Poodles are incorporated into the fabric of our various languages:

Poodles (and cousins) in English

Poodles (and cousins) in French

Poodles (and cousins) in German

Poodles (and cousins) also noted

Poodles in Literature

Here's a start on a bibliography for a yet-to-be-given course, "Poodles in Literature". We've divided this list into three sections: before 1929, after 1929 (longer) and after 1929 (shorter).

The rationale for the 1929 watershed is to probe the accuracy of the following statement: "In 1929 the stage was set [in the United States] for the renascence of interest in the Poodle....there was no popular acceptance of the dogs at this time." (Introductory essay, "The Great Revival," Poodles in America, 1929-1959, vol. 1, edited by William H. Ivens, Jr., Doylestown, PA: 1960, p. 23.)

Poodles in literature, and perhaps particularly children's literature, illuminate popular assumptions. Poodle Lit. pre-1929 yields ample evidence that there was considerable weight of popular acceptance of Poodle in the United States in, and leading up to, 1929. Additional accumulated evidence, for example, production at the Bennington factories of the popular Poodle mantel ornaments (see "Gordon's Poodle Visuals", Bennington) supports this supposition.

Poodle Lit. pre-1929

Longer Poodle Lit. post-1929

Shorter Poodle Lit. post-1929

Poodles (and cousins) in music

Beethoven and Chopin, both Poodle-lovers, surely won't mind at this distance in time being tacked on to a literature section in the Poodle History Project...

Poodle Music

The headpiece illustration for this section represents a Roman bas relief from the Age of Augustus, taken from Der Deutsche Pudel (Munich: German Poodle Clubs, 1907), p. 4, where it is credited to Richard Strebel, Der Deutschen hunde...(Munich, 1905). In the reprint of Strebel (1986 reprint of 1904/5 edition), the image appears in vol. 1, p. 19. This is most likely a stele (gravestone); we haven't yet located this object.

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