After 1880 (or so)

After 1880
(or so)

Anon. (signed? "P Mahl---"?) Ajax and Punch. The Compte de Bylandt's white(?) Standard Poodle, Ajax, in a Continental clip, sits at left; at right stands black SP Punch, in a corded version of the same clip. Reproduced from Le Chenil: Alice Lang Rogers, Poodles in Particular (NY: Howell, 1967), p. 24. Please note that Bylandt, author of Dogs of All Nations: their varieties, characteristics, points, etc., 2 vols. (Brussels: 1897), is considered the founder of breed standards world-wide: these are essential to the modern dog-show movement.

Anon. (signed "O.T. U---"? Dignity and Impudence (not to be confused with Landseer's Dignity and Impudence, 1839). A solid small black Poodle in continental looks intently at a lion behind bars at the zoo; a leash is attached to the dog's collar but lies slack on the pavement. Chatterbox, 1897.

Anon. Dogs of the Day. Print from The Illustrated Sporting & Dramatic News, 12 January 1889. Dachshund, terrier, and standing sturdy black Standard Poodle, tail docked shorter than today's custom, wearing working-length traditional Continental clip with moustache.

Anon. Ch Vladimir. Engraving. Brown corded Poodle of about 1885. Reproduced from the English Stock-Keeper in Alice Lang Rogers, Poodles in Particular (NY: Howell, 1967), p. 30.

Anon. German Poodles (Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011). Engraving. A domestic scene: someone (we see only a hand, holding a pipe) lying in bed is blowing smoke rings while a black Poodle "sits pretty" on an upholstered straight chair; in front of this dog stands a white Poodle with a very moderate corded coat. Pair of boots cast aside on the floor; on the wall hangs a pair of fencing gloves, a crossed pair of foils, a powder horn, and--a small hand gun. Attached to chapter "The Poodle or Water-Dog", Vero Shaw, The Illustrated Book of the Dog (London, Cassell: 1879-81).

Anon.? A Riverside Industry: Poodle-Barbers in Paris. 11"x 16" approx. The Graphic, October 1904. Text paragraph beneath.

Aistrop, E. English, fl. 1890. The Poodle. Head study of a white/cream dog wearing a red bow. See: Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

Art medals. Art medals are disk-shaped bi-faced sculptures inspired in the Italian Renaissance by ancient coins, and continuously popular since; one subject-category of these medals depicts dogs. Because most medals depicting Poodles appear to have been struck after 1880, we're adding this note to this section. Please click on: Dog medals to see several which honour Poodles (as of January 2005), and explore that site, which is maintained by Emmanuel Van Dorpe, Kortrijk, Belgium, to learn more about this art form.

Beck/Beckermann(?), Ludwig. Nero, a German Corded Poodle, at the Berlin International Dog Show. 9" x 6" approx. Illustrated London News, 7 August 1880. Corded black SP, with undocked tail, standing, facing right.

Beckmann, Max (1884-1950). Variety Show, 1927. Oil on canvas, collection of Richard L Feigen, N.Y. A large white Poodle on a platform in the middle of the picture behind a tight-rope walker. Dog is stylized. Jean Clair & al. The Great Parade: Portrait of the Artist as Clown Hardcover ISBN 0-300-10375-1 (Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada 2004) catalogue #182.

Benaut, H. (French, 19th/20th century) Standard Poodle. Black Standard Poodle, in moderate Continental, wearing a red bow in topknot, stands facing left and looking over his shoulder at the viewer, with front paws resting up on a step. See Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

Berkeley, Stanley. (British 19th century). Whisper and I Shall Hear. Two black Standard Poodles, standing shoulder to shoulder facing left; the smaller dog standing on the inside is wearing a top-knot ribbon. A postcard of this image is dated 1903; however, the waltz of that name (on the then-famous song by Piccolomini), was published in 1894. Whisper... is a welcome relief from Berkeley's romantic war images; however, maybe this opinion was formed by the fact that Boye is missing from Berkeley's painting of Prince Rupert in the heat of battle.

Bett, Roy. Black Poodle. Seated black Poodle wearing moderate Continental and orange bows, one at the neck, the other in the top-knot. See Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

Binet, Phyllis (British, contemporary). Poodle. Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011. Handsome brindle (black and tan) SP in sporting clip stands facing right.

Blampied, E. The Fairy Poodle. 5 1/8" x 7". Coloured print (of a painting), among a series of outstanding prints by well-known artists tipped into The Queen's Gift Book, a book sponsored by the Queen to raise money for "soldiers and sailors who have lost their limbs in the War [WWI]."

Bonnard, Pierre (1867-1947). Woman and Dog, 1922. Lithograph? Phillips Collection, Washington, DC. Depressed-looking woman seated at table holding marginally-more-cheerful Bedlington-ish Mini (?). Stephens, p. 201.

Bungart, J. Hunde I. Lithograph probably from a German-language encyclopedia (credit line: "Meyers Konv.--Lexikon 5 Aufl., Bibliographiches Institut in Leipzig, Zum Artikel 'Hund'") showing 21 dogs of different breeds, including a white SP standing, facing left, apparently with good substance and good layback, with undocked tail fully feathered held at 13 minutes past the hour, otherwise, moderate-length Continental clip.

Carter, Samuel John (English, 1835-1892). Poodles and Italian Greyhound (1870). Both Standard Poodles, in moderate Continental, are parti-colours. See Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

Chapman, John Watkins (English, fl. 1853-1903). White Poodles and Parrot. See Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

Cheviot, Lilian (English, exh. 1894-1902). Circus dogs, c. 1894. Oil on canvas, 24 x 30 inches (61 x 76 cm). Private collection. Black Standard Poodle sitting; Westie, wearing ruff, in begging position. Secord, p. 217, colour plate 104. See also: Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

Cheviot. Poodle Fifi. Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011. Head study of Toy Poodle.

Choquette, Heidi (b.1942), The Heritage. Oil on canvas, 16" x 20". Private collection. In autumn, a Black Standard Poodle in "show-coat" stands on a rock high above a lake watching Mallards--two drakes and a hen--which have very recently taken off. First published as a Limited Edition of 100 high-quality archival photographic prints, 11" x 14", double-matted to 16" x 20", selling for US$65 + S&H; to see an image and inquire of the artist for availability, go to Art by Heidi Choquette. As of December 2002, on this website you will also find several other Poodle images which you may wish to add to your collection.

Daws, Frederick Thomas (English, b. 1878). Ch. Eric Brighteyes. Miniature Poodle, lots of hair, pre-WWII. Price, plate 13, opposite p. 68. See also: Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

Daws. Two Miniature Black Poodles. Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011. Two black Minis sit side by side on a sofa.

Dawson, Lucy (English, ca 1870 - 1954; fl. 1930's +). Sketches of poodle Greta Garbo. Go to Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011. There you will also find Lucy Dawson's Will's cigarette card depicting a Poodle.

Dawson. Seated Poodle. Pastel on paper, 10 x 7 1/2 inches. Light-coloured Mini or Toy wearing pet-clip with moustache, facing forwards, attentively looking slightly left. Pet portrait, full of character. See William Secord Gallery as of 4 August 2011.

De Nittis, Giuseppe (Italian, 1846-1884) or Joseph De Nittis. The races at Auteuil (part of a triptych). Galleria nazionale d'arte moderna, Rome. White moyen-size Poodle wearing moderate Continental sits on rush-seated straight chair beside two fashionably-dressed women sitting on similar chairs in front of a brazier, at the races. See: Le chien dans l'art as of 15/7/07.

Earl, Maude (English, 1864-1943). Distinguished Foreigners, c. 1900. The Dog Museum, St. Louis, gift of Frank T. Sabella. Two standing Standard Poodles, one black, one white. Secord, p. 216, colour plate 103. See Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011. Also see, "Distinguished Foreigners", by Susan Brown, "art historian and former director of the Dog Museum, now called the AKC Museum of the Dog," (AKC Gazette, March 1998, pp. 42-3): article includes reproduction of the painting, author notes that the artist was at the height of her powers, includes details of Earl's life (her father, George Earl, one of the first members of The Kennel Club, was a well-known sporting artist; her uncle, Thomas Earl, painted horses and dogs; Earl herself was already established as an artist at 19; three years later, exhibited first painting at the Royal Academy; success assured when patrons included Queen Victoria, and Prince and Princess of Wales --later Edward VII and Queen Alexandra). Anne Rogers Clark of the opinion that these two Poodles are from Swiss stock; she notes that the trim is an old-fashioned Continental. This painting is used as frontispiece for Poodles in America, vol. 1 (Poodle Club of America, 1960; reprinted 1970).

Earl. Black Standard Poodle, 1906. Oil on canvas, 24 x 20 inches (61 x 51 cm). Private collection. Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011. Poodle is seated, tail towards the viewer, looking over left shoulder, book open in front. Secord, p. 215, plate 182. Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

Earl. Miniature black Poodle. Black dog wearing a red ribbon in the top-knot and another at the neck descends a step. Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

Earl. Ch. Nunsoe Duc de la Terrace of Blakeen, 1935. Oil on board, 36 x 60 inches (91.5 x 152.5 cm). American Kennel Club collection. The Duc, white SP, standing, with water behind him. Secord, p. 215, plate 183. Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

Earl. Toy Poodles: A Winning Trick -- La Crevette and Blanchette Blanche. Oil on canvas, 18" X 24". Private collection. Two Poodles, one white, one black, in historically-correct saddle trim, sitting while gazing at playing cards spread out in a semi-circle.

Earl. Bulldog and French Poodle. Small Poodle gazes from a safe distance at a sleeping bulldog. Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

Emms, John. (English, 1813-1912) Black Poodle (1895). Black Poodle in moderate Continental and wearing a yellow ribbon in the top-knot and around the right foreleg, lies on a green cushion. See Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

Fairman, Frances L. (English, 1836-1923) Grey Poodle. See Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

Fath, Richard (French, 1900-1952). Recumbent Poodle. Original terra cotta 4 1/2 x 3 x 2 inches. Poodle in moderate Continental lies on right side with left legs raised in relaxed subordinate-dog surrender position. This wonderful sculpture for sale as of 1 August 2011 at William Secord Gallery.

Fath. Jaro Tis de Wadjigo. Bronze 4.75 x 8 x 4.5 inches. Inscribed "Coupe du Club du Caniche", 1932. Signed.

Fath. Dog show medallion. Silver, and bronze (query: were gold medals also cast?) 1.5 inches diameter. Head study, facing right, inscribed Club de Caniche de France. See William Secord Gallery as of 4 August 2011.

Fath. Poodle head study. Terra cotta, 6 1/2 x 4 1/4 x 5 inches. Head study, moderate curly cap, moderate curly ears, moderate moustache, calm yet alert expression. See William Secord Gallery as of 4 August 2011.

Fiero, Emily (American, 1889 - 1974). Recumbent Poodle. Bronze, 9 x 10 1/2 x 6 inches. Poodle in touseled showcoat, lying raised on elbows with head alert. See William Secord Gallery as of 4 August 2011.

Fisher, Harrison (American, 1875 - 1934). Girl with Poodle, 1911. Plate from Maidens Fair. Lovely young lady wearing big hat and striped jacket relaxes on a bench; small black SP lies at her feet.

Fitzsimmons, Jane. Numerous illustrations published in The Poodle Showcase, for which she was staff artist. ...Showcase was published 1964-July, 1971.

French, Frederick (1884-1916). A Toy Poodle in a landscape. London private collection, Bonhams. Small white Poodle with under-extended rear wearing a version of "showcoat" stands on a path in front of a shady bush. See: Le chien dans l'art as of 15/7/07.

Fritsch, Katharina. (German, 1956 - ). Baby with Poodles. Sculpture: 32 attentive life-sized black Standard Poodles in kennel clip standing as in the conformation ring with their pom-pom-adorned tails cheerfully raised, surround a life-sized baby lying on the floor. ARTnews, November 1996, p. 105; Rosa Engler, PUDEL (Cham: Müller Rüschlikon, 1995), p. 117.

Fuertes, Louis Agassiz (American, 1874-1927; artist and naturalist especially known for his paintings of birds). Curly, Toy, and Corded Poodles. See: Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

Garland, Charles Trevor ( -1901). A Willing Team. English postcard. Snow-covered ground; wrought-iron gate attached to a brick post flung back; through the opening run four children, a small boy leading a black SP and a terrier, and three girls dressed in red, one between the shafts of a dog-cart (which the two dogs are helping to pull), in which sits a small boy waving a whip; a second girl pushes from behind; the third blows a small horn. A small spaniel wearing a blue coat runs alongside.

Grey, Monica (English, early 20th century). White Poodle. Head study of dog wearing red bow in the top-knot. Encore Editions, 1 August 2011.

Grierson, C. MacIver, "A Dancing Lesson," 11"x16", The Graphic (1890). The Graphic was an illustrated weekly newspaper; perhaps see also The Coming of Age of the Graphic (London, 4 December 1890), a reproduction in miniature of the first numbers of The Graphic and The Daily Graphic, British Library shelfmark 11850.a.33. Girl, eleven or twelve years old, wearing a white ballet costume, white stockings, and pointed dancing shoes, holds a slim stick high in her left hand, directing the attention of a white Mini standing on hind legs on a drum; a mustachioed clown lolls behind, sitting on a bench beside a hoop.

Hammons, John. 1987. Alaskan Poodle Sled Dogs. Painting (acrylic on board?), printed as poster, 17.5" x 23". Snowy woodland; mountains behind; along a track curving to center-foreground, a sled-dog team of 17 black Standard Poodles draws a faraway sled on which stands a poignantly-single person.

Held, John, Jr. (1889-1958). "It was O. Henry who first noted the affinity of the street poodle for the corner saloon." N.p. [New York], n.d. [ca. 1925]. 7 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches. Ink and wash drasing on artist's board, signed ("John Held Jr"). Captioned in pencil in left margin, and cocketed lower margin: "3 3/4 x 5 5/16 Mag. June 19". A small dog peers beneath the slatted swinging doors of a saloon, wherein we see the lower part of a man's legs. Offered for sale by James Cummins, Bookseller, Inc., December 1998.

Heimgerman, Paul Friedrich Meyer see Meyerheim, Paul Friedrich, below.

Hugo, Valentine (1887?-1968). Book: Les aventures de Fido caniche (Paris: Guy Le Prat, 1947), 9 leaves (printed on doubles leaves folded Chinese style). 24 x 32 cm. Fifteen images; numbered limited edition of 1,500. French painter, illustrator, was part of the surrealist movement 1930-1939.

Jay, Florence (English, fl. 1905-1920). Recumbent Poodle. Oil on canvas, 21 x 27 inches (53.5 x 68.5 cm). Private collection. Black Standard Poodle lying on chinz-covered sofa. Secord, p. 217, colour plate 105. Also see Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

Kandinsky, Vasily (1866-1944). Winter (Skating), 1906. Kunstmuseum, Bern, Switzerland. Skaters on a lake, white SP in foreground, running. UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) card.

Kirmse, Marguerite (American, 1885-1954). March Winds, Spring 1938. Etching, 8 1/8" x 10 1/4". On a windy terrace with a balustrade in the background, stand two Standard Poodles in English Saddle. Black (or brown) behind, white in front. For sale at Secord Gallery 5 August 2011.

Koons, Jeff (American, born 1955). Poodle. 1991. Polychromed wood. 23 x 40 x 20 in (58.4 x 50.8 cm). Private collection. Poodle wearing curly fantasy-clip (bracelets and tail-pom, long ear-hair, curly cap) lies with head up. "Metamorphic kitsch", see: Best in Show: The Dog in Art from the Renaissance to Today, by Peter Bowron, Carolyn Rose Rebbert, Robert Rosenblum, and William Secord (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2006), p. 94. This is an exhibition catalogue; the exhibition "Best in Show: Dogs in Art from the Renaissance to the Present" was at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Connecticut from May 13, 2006 - August 27, 2006 and at the The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas October 1, 2006 - January 1, 2007.

Lambert, George Washington (Australian, 1873-1930). Portrait of Miss Alison Preston and John Proctor on Mearbeck Moor [Yorkshire] 1909. Oil on Canvas 100 x 125 cm. Signed and dated lower right. Mr. Proctor, an older man wearing jacket and knickers, holding a shotgun, sits on a rock, while a young woman, Miss Alison Preston, stands beside him and slightly to the rear, holding the reins of a saddled pony with docked tail. Game, including a rabbit, in the foreground, and near right, a sitting Setter and, lying just behind, what appears--from the .jpg image--to be a black Standard Poodle. Could be a Field Spaniel. If you have the opportunity to examine this privately-owned painting (as of September, 2000) please let us know your opinion. This painting was exhibited at the George Lambert Retrospective, S.H. Ervin Gallery, National Trust of Australia (N.S.W.) 22 August to 8 October 1978. Reproduced in colour on catalogue cover. Also reproduced in Ellenden's catalogue of "The Schofield Collection" auctioned in Sydney, 3 September 1987, and described by Amy Lambert, G.W. Lambert, ARA: Thirty Years of an Artist's Life (1938, reprinted 1977, Australian Art Editions), p. 44: "On a Yorkshire moor the little shooting-party of man, woman, pony and dogs is simply grouped, the envelopment and detail being singularly complete and satisfactory." See also: James MacDonald, The Art and Life of George W. Lambert (Melbourne: Alexander McCubbin, ca 1920). John Proctor was Lambert's most consistent patron and supporter during the painter's first period in London.

Loraine, Nevison Arthur (English, fl. 1889-1903). Mouton, c. 1890. Oil on canvas, 24 x 28 inches (61 x 71 cm). The Dog Museum, St. Louis. Parti-coloured Poodle lying on rug on 17th century oak chest. Secord, p. 214, plate 180. See Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

MacQuoid, Percy, RI, from sketches by Emily Lees. The Misery of Shopping with Women from a Dog's Point of View, five drawings, sub-titled as follows: "1. 'It is only for a few minutes,' she said as she went in, 'so wait quietly, there's a good dog.' But the poodle who was a witness was wiser and winked. [Lady bids farewell to Smooth FT tied onto a ring outside a big shop; stolid SP tied to same ring.] 2. When an hour dragged by, the inexperienced animal became frantic. 'Something has happened to her,' he said wildly to his apathetic friends. 'Ah! yes,' said the poodle, 'I know what happens to women in these shops.' 3. And the poodle did know. This is how the second hour ended--inside. [A gentleman who has forgotten himself so far as to wear his top hat indoors, is forgetting himself further by pouring cream from a jug onto the tablecloth instead of into the adoring lady's teacup.] 4. And this is how it ended--outside [SFT anxiously pulling on chain]. 5. The third hour began to teach him the poodle's philosophy. Still, these things cast a gloom over the life of even the best constituted dog. [SFT dozing resignedly.]" SP is black, wide-chested; wears Imperial moustache and short Continental with shallow bracelets. The Graphic, 7 September 1895, p. 288.

Megargee, Edwin (American, 1883-1958). The Poodle. White Standard Poodle stands on green lawn with white fence in distance, on left, two ladies in Victorian "afternoon" dresses, yellow parasol. This is an illustration for Edwin Megargee's Dogs, (NY & London: Harper, 1942). Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

For other Megargee paintings of Poodles see:

  • White Poodle #1 (1936) See Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011;
  • White Poodle #2 (1936) See Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011;
  • Two Miniature Poodles (1937) See Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.
  • For a charcoal drawing of a handsome Standard Poodle by Megargee: see Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011; see also his charcoal portrait of a Toy Poodle, Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.
  • For biographies of of Megargee, see Secord, p. 350, and William Secord Gallery, Edwin Megargee.

    Private collection. Beer card. This is taken from an oil painting which a once-upon-a-time owner recollects on board (perhaps canvas), approximately 10" x 14". Head study, facing left, swamp landscape, waterfowl fly overhead. Part of a series of at least three beer cards (we have eye-witness documentation of Chessie--from Burgermeister-- and Lab--from Old Crown--beer cards evidently in the same series) and we've tracked down two copies of this beer card, this one from the Burgermeister brewery (San Francisco, 1956- ; "...Burgermeister Brewing Corporation in 1956, transferred to Joseph Schlitz Company in 1961...", see Burgermeister and the other from "Old Crown Brewing Corporation, Fort Wayne, Indiana. 1962-1973; Old Crown beer continuing production in Chicago from 1973?-late 1980's" (see Old Crown). Megargee died in 1958, before accomplishing the Toy illustrations for his final project, Man's Best Friend, The National Geographic Book of Dogs (1958); the book was completed using photographs, so we infer that rights were transferred from Burgermeister to Old Crown 1961-62; as of 17 August 2011 we lack further documentation. Since beer cards are customarily issued in sets of four, we'll be interested to see if a fourth is turned up by the diligent and dedicated Breweriana collectors!

    This image is also claimed by the IWS folk: please see Nick Waters, A Bundle of Rags in a Cyclone (Shrewsbury: Nick Waters, 1998, first published 1992) art plate 25, between pp. 92-93. Megargee habitually painted from life: we hope to identify his model, who is still within living memory, unlike models for the many other equivocal images in our art history section which were created before the dog show movement got underway in the fourth quarter of the 19th century, and which are also claimed by fanciers of "the cousins" (for a list of "the cousins" see Long-Time Cousins in .) Show dogs).

    Megargee, Mildred (American, 20th century). Ch Hollycourt Silverado and Ch Belle Isle, 1948. Oil on panel, 7 x 9 inches. The Dog Museum, St. Louis. Mildred Megaree was Edwin's sister. Secord, p. 336. See also: Two Miniature Poodles, Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

    Merrill, Christine (American, 20th century). Oil on canvas, 24 x 32 inches. White Poodle Near a Palladian Bridge (1992). White Mini in showcoat and facing left stands in forground; bridge in background. See Secord Gallery as of 4 August 2011.

    Meyerheim, Paul Friedrich (German, 1842-1915). Sideshow Tricks 1891 with Poodle and Monkeys. Circus sideshow, ca 1900, woman briefly clad in circus-performance costume leans over table on which sits a monkey; a second monkey sits on a pedestal, and a third stands foreground; a white Standard Poodle has placed forepaws on the table opposite the woman and behind the first monkey; a mixed audience of adults and children to our right is seated very close. Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011. (Yes: we believe that Encore Editions has incorrectly attributed this painting to a Paul Friedrich Meyer Heimgerman.)

    Moody, Fannie. "Conscience doth make cowards of us all". Lithograph. Guilty-looking Beagle and moyen-size black Poodle in traditional "lion clip" poised over chewed-up doll on fur rug in front of double "library" door. The Illustrated London News, 31 August 1895, p. 277.

    Moore, R.H. (fl. late 19th c.-very early 20th c.) Pair of prints: Curly Poodle Ch. "Rufus", Mrs. R. Long owner, and Corded Poodle Ch. "Model", MADne Dagois owner. Both dogs stand in profile, face left, vaguely out-of-doors, are black, wear Continental clips, cords drag on ground, curly coat embellished with "extra" pompons.

    Norris, B.L. (British, early 20th century). Children playing with their black Poodle. Oil on canvas 36 x 28 3/4 in. (91.4 x 73cm.). Private collection, sold by Christies on 28 March 1996. Two children primp a black Poodle sitting patiently on a chair. See Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

    Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973). Le bichon blanc; Tête de chien, 1943. Papier déchiré brûlure de cigarette. Paris, musée Picasso. Brilliantly-clever Bichon/Poodle face made from a scrap of waste paper. Two photographs at Agence photographique de la Réunion des Musées Nationaux: #99CE20672/MP 1998-7 by Franck Raux (unadorned) and #99DE14402/MP 1998-7 by Béatrice Hatala (enhanced by light; background).

    Roberts, Stone (American, b. 1951), The William A. V. Cecil Family Portrait. Oil on canvas. Image dimensions, 79.5"x79". 1991 and 1992. Biltmore House, Asheville, North Carolina. Family portrait includes male black Standard Poodle, Blackberry, in modern sporting clip, sitting attentively in profile, foreground.

    Sargent, John Singer (American, 1856-1925) Asher Wertheimer, 1898
    Oil on canvas
    58 x 38 in.
    Tate Gallery, London. Presented by the widow and family of Asher Wertheimer in accordance with his wishes, 1922.
    Black standard Poodle, Noble, at the right-hand side of his owner. The dog's pink tongue is strikingly visible.
    Norman L. Kleeblatt, ed., Portraits of the Wertheimer Family(New York: The Jewish Museum, 1999), Plate 1, p. 56.

    Sargent. Essie, Ruby and Ferdinand, Children of Asher Wertheimer, 1902
    Oil on canvas
    63 x 76 in.
    Tate Gallery, London. Presented by the widow and family of Asher Wertheimer in accordance with his wishes, 1922
    Noble, a black standard Poodle with luxuriant coat and black satin bow is lying on the floor to the right of the three children. There are also two Pomeranians in the painting.
    Kleeblatt; Plate 8, p. 63.

    Sargent. W. Graham Robertson, 1894
    Oil on canvas
    90 x 46 in. (230.5 x 118.7 cm)
    Tate Gallery, London. Gift of W. Graham Robertson, 1940.
    Standard Poodle with yellow bow lying on floor to the left of the standing figure of Robertson. It is unclear if the dog is parti-colour or white with a shadow thrown across his shoulders.
    Elizabeth Prettejohn, Interpreting Sargent (London: Tate Gallery Publishing, 1998), Fig. 35, p. 47.
    Robertson's ageing poodle, Mouton, of the St. Jean de Luz breed, had already made an impression in the studio, when he went with his master to Mrs. Robertson's sitting: 'The comic relief of the sittings was supplied by my dog, Mouton, who, well stricken in years and almost toothless, claimed rather unusual privileges and was always allowed one bite by Sargent, whom he unaccountably disliked, before work began. "He has bitten me now", Sargent would remark mildly,"so we can go ahead."' Ormond, Richard and Elaine Kilmurray, John Singer Sargent: Portraits of the 1890s (New Haven, CT and London, UK, Yale University Press, 1998), p.87.

    Sherman, Helen (American, 20th century). Pastel on paper 21 1/2 x 25 inches. Apricot Standard Poodle. Poodle facing 3/4 right, wearing substantial English Saddle clip. See William Secord Gallery as of 4 August 2011.

    Sperling, Heinrich (German, 1844-1924). Der Agitator. Etching. Sturdy black Standard Poodle in Continental with full-coated front legs stands in a stable or kennel with forepaws on a barrel-top addressing a mixed group of attentive dogs.

    Staples, Sir Robert Ponsonby (Irish, 1853-1943). Black Poodle with a White Glove (1897). Painting, 14" x 10". Black Poodle in Continental, seated, guards woman's white kid glove. Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

    Stokes, George Vernon (English, 1873-1954). Poodle. Black dog in English Saddle pattern stands facing left on leopard-skin rug. See Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

    Stull, Henry (American; 1851-1913). Ch. Styx (1886). Oil on canvas, 12" x 16". Art collection of the American Kennel Club, gift of the Poodle Club of America. Portrait of a handsome black corded Standard Poodle standing and facing left. Hoyt, p. 35; also see A Breed Apart: the art collections of the American Kennel Club and American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog by William Secord (Antique Collectors Club, 2001), p. 149. Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

    Trood, William Hamilton Henry (English, 1860-1889). A Domestic scene (1888). Painting, 26" x 48". Group of dogs including small Poodle doing sit-up. See: Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

    Tyson, Dorothy P. Pixiecraft Collection. Whimsical (and wonderful) paintings or drawings of Poodles doing various things or dressed like people. See The Poodle Showcase, published 1964-July, 1971. For more information about ...Showcase, see: Rare... (Magazines, before 1965) .

    Ulrich, Alden George (American, Winchester master engraver from 1919-1949). "The fine skeet gun depicts one of George Ulrich's hunting Poodles, 'Punjab'. He loved to hunt with a Poodle. A relative who also has Poodles acquired the shotgun a few years back and wrote the lovely article for the Double Gun Journal from which I made these scans. The photo including one of George Alrich's poodles was taken in 1934 in Connecticut. That was the time-frame when Blakeen Kennels, Hayes and Sherman Hoyt, were active. They always hunted their Poodles once through with the show ring. My husband's uncle, Alfred McBrien, was their head kennel man and handler. He is responsible for my first 'hunting' Poodle back in 1982." (D.H., 30 July 2011). Edward E. Ulrich, "Winchester Engravers and the Model 21" Double Gun Journal, volume 12, issue 2, Summer 2001, pp. 121-137.

    Vesque, Juliette (1881-1949) et Marthe (1879-1962). Le cirque en images (G.-P. Maisonneuve et Larose, 1977): Sylvia Loyal à l'Alhambra, 14 novembre 1912. Paris, musée des traditions populaires. Relaxed black SP in working Continental stands facing obiquely away from the viewer, watching a tight-rope walker. This is a lovely image of a Poodle. Item #93CE6490/ATP 68 102 188 Agence photographique de la Réunion des Musées Nationaux.

    Waller, Lucy (English, late 19th century). Corded Poodle (1889). See: Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011, for this image, incorrectly, we believe, attributed to Lucy "Walker".

    Wardle, Arthur (English, 1864-1949). Poodles. A black Standard Poodle, a white Standard Poodle, and a white Toy stand beside a large drum upon which someone has cast a cloak; a circus-whip lies on the ground. Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

    Wardle, Arthur. Corded Poodles. Two Standard Poodles corded in the exaggerated (sweeping the floor; but in this instance standing on a table) Victorian manner, one black, standing left, and the other white, lying right. Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011.

    Wardle, C. Francis. Poodle. From 0Wardle All Dogs -- Dog Breed Profiles by C. Francis Wardle - Poodle Encore Editions as of 1 August 2011. Charcoal head study of black dog wearing bow in topknot.

    Weber, Walter A. Standard Poodles...Quickly Master Tricks. Painting. White Standard Poodle jumps through hoop held by woman in circus-type ("skating dress") costume; black SP sits, watching. Copyright National Geographic Society; apparently plate 1 Non-sporting Dogs, from The Book of Dogs (Washington, DC: National Geographic Society, 1958). Also see previous editions, 1927, and 1919 (illustrated by Louis Agassiz Fuertes, among others).

    Zutna. Zutna was a French illustrator who worked ca 1875-1925; his work was published in Jeudi de la junesse a weekly aimed at chapter-book-aged children. Pen and ink, watercolour, pencil crayon on paper. Height: 40.5; width: 31.4. This is a series of seven illustrations for a story, "Le Caniche de Lillifent"; here's a source for more information about the illustrations. Archives départementales des Vosges.

    NB RE Kitsch. Poodle-kitsch (Beanie Baby GiGi!) is beyond the scope of the Poodle History Project; we have enough to do with Rembrandt et al. However, today's kitsch may be tomorrow's folk-art. For example, Staffordshire Poodles; for another example, in February '01 Sotheby's New York offered for sale a (Victorian?) seven-inch-long Britannia-metal cigar-cutter in the form of a Poodle on a raised relief base: insert a cigar in the hole in his back, pull his tail down, and the tip of the cigar is cut off. If you're keen about Poodle-kitsch, here's a guide to get you started: Elaine Butler, Price Guide to Poodle Collectibles Of The 50's & 60's (Book Sales, 1995), 151 pp.

    Plates. For a series of contemporary Danish Blue Porcelain Collectors' Dog Plates ("giftware") see: Encore Editions home page and search for Danish Blue Poodle.

    Tobacco cards, drawn (by contrast to photographic) postcards, beer cards etc. For a rundown on tobacco and other cards depicting Poodles, see Donna's dog cards of the world. To see Poodles in the 1950's Kamarad Hund (our friend the dog) series, see Encore Editions home page and search for Kamarad Hund. These cards are a gray area for the Poodle History Project; some are very valuable to us, for example, the cigarette-card photograph of Champion Rupert at Madison Square Garden (see Hair do's..., and the beer card by Edwin Megargee (see above); some were originally commissioned dog-portraits and appear above. Each must be judged on its own merits.

    The headpiece of this section is a pair of alabaster pet-portraits (bases 4.5" x 8"), Standard Poodles wearing a version of the historically-correct Continental and "imperial" moustaches. Owned by Tatiana Nagro; found in an antique store in the northeastern USA in spring 2002; our hunch is that they're French or German, and if you have a better idea, please let us know.

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