"Gordon's Poodle Visuals"

"Gordon's Poodle Visuals"

Here's an informal (and--for sure--incomplete!) list of great (and not so great) works of art depicting Poodles and their relatives. Unfortunately, due to copyright and space restrictions we can't present the images themselves. However, we can indicate where to look...

Ancient images (proto-Poodles)

Charlemagne until 1890 (or so)

After 1880 (or so)


The headpiece for this section is a detail of woodcut #136, showing the baggage train portion of the Triumph of Maximilian I, by Hans Burgkmair (1473-1531), and others. The Triumph of Maxmilian I is a parade in woodcuts honouring the emperor and German king (1459-1519); Burgkmair was the main contributer to this artistic project, but there were several other contributors, and the van portion has been attributed in turn to Albrecht Altdorfer, Wolf Huber and Hans Dürer, Albrecht's brother. The Triumph of Maximilian I: 137 Woodcuts by Hans Burgkmair and Others(NY: Dover, 1964), #136, note p. 19, and bibliography pp. 19-20.

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