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Search and Rescue

A white Standard Poodle stars in an article by Catherine Dold, "For Rescue Dogs 'Nothing's Better Than a Live Find'", in Smithsonian Magazine, vol. 28, #5, August 1997, pp. 72-82. The SP's name is Cassidy, she's handled by Carla Tomaszczyk, and she's certified for avalanche work. In winter, she practices finding people at least once a week in man-made avalanches; she had to learn what cadavers smell like so she can find them, too. To order a copy of the August 1997 issue of Smithsonian Magazine, the price is $5.00 (US), Canada and all other countries $6.00 (US funds). Send to:
Smithsonian Magazine,
900 Jefferson Drive, SW,
Washington, DC 20560 USA.

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