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Police dogs

"The story is reported of a Poodle who was present in a room adjacent to the one in which his mistress was murdered during a robbery. The police had no suspect. The Poodle followed the hearse to the cemetery and among the mourners and onlookers singled out a young man whom he agitatedly and viciously began to attack. This attracted the suspicion of the police, who detained the young man and with the help of the Poodle searched his quarters. Initially, nothing was found, but eventually the dog began to show great interest in a stove, and started to scratch at it. Inside, the stolen articles were found, and the man confessed." Der Deutsche Pudel (Munich: The German Poodle Clubs, 1907), translated by PHP volunteer, 26 August 1997.

Teaberry, a Standard Poodle who belonged to the late Tex Walzer, was a completely trained police dog who held held AKC, CKC and Bermuda KC Utility titles. Capt. A.J. Haggerty, "The Adjustment Period," AKC Gazette, August 1997, p. 32, col 3.

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