Poodle Lit. 101

Poodles (and cousins) in language: Noted

Correction noted: "On November 19, 1994, The Globe & Mail [Canada] published an article by Rod Mickleburgh (China Bureau, Beijing) entitled, 'Chinese sex show fails to arouse interest.' .... Among items presented was a nostrum called Poodle Oil, touted to prevent premature ejaculation.... Not to worry [about mass production]! 'Poodle Oil comes from the Chinese pronunciation of the product: i.e. Pu Da Oil which, for some reason, became Poodle Oil in English," Mr. Mickleburgh wrote on January 13, 1995. 'The real meaning of Pu Da is 'universal satisfaction' I am told.'" (Dogs in Canada, April 1995, p. 54, cols. 3-4.)

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