The North American Working Poodle Hall of Fame: Photos and titles of Poodles Holding AKC Hunting Test titles, Poodle Club of America WC/X Certificates, CKC WC, WCI, WCX Certificates, CKC Hunt Titles, by Claudia A. Straitiff (All rights reserved. Copyright 6/2007 Claudia A. Straitiff; façsimile on line in The Poodle History Project by permission of Claudia A. Straitiff, 7/2007.) No part of this publication may be printed or distributed without permission of the author. To obtain permission, contact Claudia Straitiff.).

NB: If there are additions to entries which were incomplete at the time of publication, or corrections to the published entries, these are placed here at the right hand side of the relevant page.






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